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Unlock the power of your mind, body, and spirit in balance.

Body pain in trauma is one of the most common physical symptoms, along with insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Thankfully the effects of yoga therapy sessions can be felt almost immediately. For example, a session focused on gentle relaxation and alleviating the symptoms of insomnia will lead to a better night’s sleep that very night.

Over time sessions allow you to build a toolbox of techniques that can create a solid foundation of healing yoga practice in your life, allowing you to release trauma and alleviate your symptoms.

You’ll be able to identify your immediate needs and choose the therapeutic practice that will help you in the moment.

Individual sessions

Individual sessions are primarily focused on the specific needs of the client. This is YOUR space to explore what YOU need.

In conjunction with group sessions, individual sessions help you get clear on what will help you move forward as a trauma survivor, and work through specific triggers or experiences that are too personal for a group situation. We can focus on specific challenges that you have, and create personal practices that will help you heal.

“I wanted to thank you again for helping me connect with my body and hear its stories. I have always enjoyed yoga and meditation in the past, but now it is a part of my daily life and my real connection with it came as the result of your work.”


Yoga Therapy Client

Group sessions

Group yoga therapy is more general than individual sessions, which allows it to be useful in a different way. If you’re unsure if yoga can help you, or if you’re uncertain about what yoga therapy is, the group sessions will help you get clarity. Experienced group members are able to support newer members in their journeys.

Since the session is shared, we focus on what will benefit the entire group instead of the needs of a specific client. Instead of having a set curriculum, each class begins with an open discussion of what will help most right now, so we can support the progress of the group. This sets a baseline acceptance and connection with others who have similar experiences in a safe space where it’s ok to make mistakes, and learn.

“Thank you very much for teaching me about the important of movement and breathing in the healing of trauma. I am so grateful for your work. I feel lighter, and I feel free!”


Yoga Therapy Client